Logistics training

We can offer training courses and subsequent updates, aimed at acquiring theoretical skills and technical skills.

Thanks to a team of professionals, we can offer training courses and subsequent updates, aimed at acquiring the theoretical and technical skills necessary to fulfill legal obligations.

In addition, any training requirement in the logistics sector can be designed ad hoc by sharing with your company the objectives and strategies to be applied.

The EN 15635 standard establishes the need for each logistics department to have a PRSES (Person Responsible for Storage Equipment Safety): this person must know the nature of the activities carried out inside the warehouse and the hazards associated with them on the basis of a risk assessment, as well as take precautions to avoid or limit these hazards and implement a management procedure.

Our experienced technicians transfer to this figure the skills and knowledge necessary to perform this role in compliance with regulations and acting in complete safety.

The course proposed by Di Massa Srl is structured as follows:

  • introduction to the EN 15635 standard and the requirements of the figures who work in the warehouse, among them dwelling on that of the PRSES whose functionand duties are explained;
  • description of the warehouse in its composition of variables (shelves, loading units,handling equipment, building) regarding the safe management of storage activities, personnel, goods and equipment;
  • how the PRSES carries out the activity of monitoring the conditions of use of the warehouse, the measurement of damage and some evaluation criteria for cases wherethe standard does not provide explicit references;
  • information necessary to make all the activities coordinated by the PRSES systematic, traceable and unenforceable in court;
  • exercise, with a questionnaire of 20 multiple-choice questions, with contextualcorrection, with delivery of the certificate upon passing the final examination.

A copy of the projected slides will be provided in .pdf format and examples of specialist tools for measuring deformation and recording damage will be shown, both on paper and on a mobile device.

Course of 8 hours duration, which can be divided into 2 days, in videoconference mode or directly at your company.


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    Logistics training
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