Biohazard prevention

Sai come affrontare il rischio biologico nel tuo magazzino?

Do you know how to deal with the biohazard in your warehouse?

Never as today is it essential to resume activities in full compliance with the regulations in force for the containment of the spread of Covid-19, to ensure the safety of all operators and not risk incurring penalties.

The institutes in charge have drawn up a technical document that includes all the procedures to be implemented to minimize the biohazard, but their understanding and application is left to the company owners, who find themselves facing not only the restart of their activities, but also the correct integration of these strategies in their internal processes.

For this reason we have thought of a new service that allows you to resume operations in complete safety, ensuring maximum productivity and at the same time the correct compliance with current regulations.

Through the analysis of the operational flow of the entire logistics chain we identify the best strategy to integrate the required prevention procedures, adapting them to your operations in order to maintain optimal production performance and avoid misinterpretations of the rules that can cause penalties and administrative stops.

With our service we release:

  • a manual containing all the rules and procedures issued by public prevention bodies with an explanation in technical but understandable language, adapted according to your real needs
  • specific operational procedures designed specifically for your needs, so that the manual can be integrated into the company DVR
  • technical data sheets for the procedures to be adopted and the products to be used for sanitization
  • specific operational sheets to be issued to employees according to their duties
  • specific operational checklists that allow the manager to constantly verify compliance with the assigned procedures
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    Biohazard prevention
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