Warehouse installation

We take care of the assembly of logistic systems in full compliance with the regulations.

Installation compliant with legal standards: an essential requirement for your warehouse

The installation of a new warehouse system is an activity that requires the intervention of professionals in the field, who know how to install a warehouse that not only guarantees the best performance, but is also completely safe and complies with current regulations.

The correct assembly of the shelving affects the durability and safety of the warehouse system, as well as its reliability in terms of load capacity and the optimization of all logistic aspects.

The importance of relying on professionals

Can I install my own new warehouse system? And can I make structural changes to adapt it to my plant? Why should I rely on a professional?

These questions are clearly answered in the text of the European regulation EN 15620: to install a metal shelving system it is compulsory to call a professional in the field, who scrupulously respect the assembly tolerances indicated by the current regulation.

Our installers at your service for a perfect result

The installation is the final part of the entire development process of the logistic system and as such determines the success of the project, so it is essential that it is carried out by professionals who work according to the rules.

By relying on Di Massa Srl for the installation of your warehouse, you can count on experts: our fitters-installers are qualified technicians with a high degree of multifunctionality, because they have been trained not only from a professional point of view, but also with regard to the legislation on health and safety at work.

The assembly of warehouse systems also involves particularly risky steps, such as working at height and the verticalization of heavy elements not yet fixed to the ground, activities for which it is essential to work in complete safety.

Our professionals offer a complete installation service, which includes the following activities:

  • programming and carrying out assembly, control and installation of plants or machines
  • carrying out periodic checks
  • carrying out special maintenance work
  • searching for possibile defects and anomalies

At the end of the assembly and installation procedures, our technicians always issue the certificate of correct installation required by the regulations, which meets the specifications provided by the manufacturer.

If you would like more information or need to install warehouse facilities, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Ask for more information! Ask for more information!

    Warehouse installation
    Warehouse installation
    Warehouse installation
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