Shockproof poles

These guards are designed and certified to stop a vehicle and transfer the impact energy released to the floor without damaging it.

Shockproof poles


Accidental impacts to protruding edges, doors and production equipment


Shockproof poles

Shockproof poles are the ideal solution for safe movement in warehouses and loading docks. They protect your equipment and clearly mark out pedestrian areas. These poles are often used to protect machinery, shelves and to secure the corners of buildings.


  • They mark off traffic routes;
  • They protect equipment and corners of buildings by absorbing the weight and speed of vehicles hitting them;
  • Reduces maintenance costs and downtime;
  • The shockproof poles are reusable, they can be moved and reinstalled to protect new plants following new work requirements.

Technical characteristics

Ground fixing.

Available for indoor, outdoor and cold storage.

Impact resistance at 45°: 1,170.00 to 4,810.24 joules

Available sizes: 1200mm – 2000mm

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