Pedestrian barriers

These barriers have the function of delimiting and highlighting pedestrian routes both outside and inside the company.

Pedestrian barriers


Safety for pedestrians in a warehouse where forklifts are ‘whizzing’ from one aisle to another is an issue that needs attention.

Many accidents in warehouses are caused by pedestrians being hit by forklifts while workers are manoeuvring them in poor visibility or carelessness.


Pedestrian barriers

Pedestrian barriers are designed to mark and highlight pedestrian routes both inside and outside the company.


  • Pedestrian barriers mark out pedestrian routes, safeguarding the safety of warehouse operators and all pedestrians accessing areas at risk of impact with handling equipment;
  • Pedestrian barriers are modular, making them adaptable to all warehouse layouts;
  • Pedestrian barriers are reusable and can be moved and reinstalled to create new routes for new work requirements.

Technical characteristics

Fixing to the ground.

The lower beam is adjustable according to the height you wish to protect.

Models available both for light impacts caused by manual handling and for heavy loads with forklift handling.

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