Guard Rails

These guards are designed and certified to stop a vehicle and transfer the impact energy released to the floor without damaging it.

Guard Rails
Guard Rails


Accidental impacts when handling goods with forklifts.


Guard rails

Industrial guardrails are specially designed shock-absorbing profiles for protecting walls from light and heavy forklifts in motion.


  • Pathways can be created for the safe movement of vehicles within the warehouse, protecting infrastructure, machinery and plant;
  • They can be assembled to suit any length required, making them adaptable to all warehouse layouts;
  • They can be moved and reinstalled to create new routes due to new work requirements;
  • Reduces maintenance costs and production downtime.

Technical characteristics

Ground fixing.

Available for indoor, outdoor and cold storage.

Protections can be assembled to outline and create routes.

Impact resistance at 45°: 3,395.46 to 11,142.78 joules


Available sizes: from 1200 mm to 2000 mm

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