PRSES: the key figure in the logistics department

The EN 15635 standard establishes the need for each logistics department to have a PRSES, a person appointed by the management with responsibility for checking the safety and maintenance of the warehouse.

The tasks of this important figure make it possible to keep the logistics department in line with the regulations in force and to comply with safety standards.

The PRSES must know the nature of all the activities carried out within the warehouse and the dangers associated with them on the basis of a risk assessment, and take precautions to avoid or limit these dangers by means of instructions and/or signs.

In addition, he is responsible for contacting the equipment experts for any maintenance and safety issues, taking part to the necessary training to maintain facilities and machinery in a safe state of operation.

Warehouse inspections must be carried out periodically by an expert validator, starting with the equipment on the ground, i.e. the most exposed to damage, unless there are indications of specific problems that require verification. The frequency of inspections must be determined by the PRSES within a maximum of 12 months on the basis of factors relating to the operating methods, the size of the warehouse, the equipment used and the personnel involved.

As soon as a problem or damage is detected by an operator, it must be reported immediately to the PRSES. All personnel must be instructed in the safe operation of their system and how to work to protect themselves and third parties.

The PRSES employee has a considerable responsibility and must be properly trained: our technicians provide their long experience in the field to transfer to this figure the skills and knowledge necessary to perform this role in compliance with the regulations and acting in complete safety. Contact us now to find out more!

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    PRSES: the key figure in the logistics department
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