Lack of specialized personnel? Automation and process management can help your logistics department!

16 September 2019

In recent years, it seems more and more difficult for companies to find professionals to be hired in their logistics area. In order to deal with this shortage, it is necessary to intervene in warehouse management.

The problem related to the lack of technical personnel specialized in logistics is a matter of great importance for companies: very often, when professional figures, who had been working in the company for decades, retire, it is not easy to find specialized personnel to be hired.

This risks causing numerous problems for the company, which without those key figures finds itself having difficulties in managing order processing activities, with consequent delays in deliveries and troubles in the relationship with customers.

In order to deal with this situation, it is essential to rely on two elements that can contribute to a great improvement in the management of the logistics area: process organization and automation.

Understanding how the warehouse works is the first step to define the operational flow and consequently a layout that effectively meets the needs of the operators involved, so as to speed up activities and always have under control what happens in each area of the logistics area.

The integration of highly technological equipment also facilitates a better organization of the warehouse: through automation it is possible to use the surface of the logistics area in a more functional way, to always have available information relating to each item and its movements, even relating to previous months, and, above all, to centralize skills so as to be independent of the experience of a few operators.

The Di Massa team supports companies that want to understand what can be improved in the organization of their logistics department with an activity of prior analysis that aims to define what are the criticalities and find effective solutions to solve them.

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    Lack of specialized personnel? Automation and process management can help your logistics department!
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