How will the warehouse management change after the coronavirus emergency?

The approach to logistics activities and processes is already evolving, but the changes will be even more evident when it will be possible to return to normal, treasuring experience to ensure a more effective management of everyday life and emergency situations.

The current situation prompts us to reflect on how the world of logistics is changing and how it will continue to change, in relation to the health emergency circumstances we are experiencing.

From this difficult period, the logistics sector can gain greater awareness of what needs to be done in the warehouse to ensure overall process optimization and, at the same time, guarantee safety and health protection for workers.

In this regard, the sanitization activities that are so much talked about these days must be considered with greater attention, to ensure a healthy and safe work environment: in addition to the daily operations of cleaning of spaces, it is now evident the need for periodic sanitization interventions, concerning both the operational areas and incoming goods.

Still on the subject of safety, warehouse operators are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the correct use of PPE, the first weapon to protect themselves from situations at risk and possible damage to health. In particular, it is essential to be aware of the durability of disposable devices and how to dispose of them in the right way.

As far as the efficiency of the warehouse is concerned, the current situation has made tangible the need for a prior assessment to indicate what the monthly production requirement is, so that a stock of material is always available to avoid production downtimes in the event of interruptions, delays and impossibility of delivery within the planned time frame. This is particularly valid if you need supplies from abroad.

Finally, government regulations regarding smart working highlight how vital process automation is, also with regard to logistics: automating as many procedures and machinery as possible encourages the management of activities even remotely, avoiding interruptions and delays that have a negative impact on productivity and performance.

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    How will the warehouse management change after the coronavirus emergency?
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