How to identify weak points in your warehouse and turn them into opportunities

Identifying weaknesses in your warehouse is the starting point to solve them, improving performance and increasing marginality. Let’s see how!

Inefficiencies in the logistics area are often not immediately apparent and this risks significantly affecting productivity. Understanding where the problem is located is the first step to define a solution that leads to warehouse optimization.

Mapping the flow

Often you do not have a clear vision of how the warehouse works, so it is difficult to identify what is wrong: drawing up a document with all the steps from receipt of the order to its completion is essential to find critical issues, bottlenecks and equipment malfunctions. Having a complete overview of the logistics area allows you to streamline procedures and increase performance.

Observe the working environment

It may seem trivial, but simply taking a tour of the warehouse can bring out interesting elements in the way the various processes are handled. The feedback is immediate: are there areas that can be upgraded? Is the number of operators sufficient? In this way it is possible to intervene immediately to bring the warehouse to maximum efficiency.

Using a value chain

The value chain model describes the structure of an organization as a limited set of processes. In the case of logistics, the main activities are defined in the correct sequence to bring maximum value to the end consumer. This implies differentiation between primary and support procedures. Using resources for the main activities helps to prevent weaknesses in the whole process, maximizing strengths and achieving better results.

Identify potential risks in suppliers

Sometimes the problem may not be internal to the logistics area, but may result from bad collaboration with suppliers. Careful examination of the procedures that involve them and timely elimination of potential risks and waste allows to improve the management of the entire warehouse.

Di Massa’s team is at your side to identify the possible weaknesses of your warehouse and help you transform them into strengths: contact us now to understand how your warehouse works, so as to optimize processes and costs.

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    How to identify weak points in your warehouse and turn them into opportunities
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