Earthquakes? Find out how reliable your warehouse is

16 February 2017

Are you sure your warehouse is reliable, even in the event of an earthquake?

Earthquakes recently highlighted a number of critical issues related to the country’s seismic mapping processes, which were found to be lacking, incomplete or even obsolete.

For this reason, in subsequent years, decrees and ordinances were introduced to enforceaccurate mapping, even though the prefabricated structures division did not stay up to date with legislation, which resulted in very real disasters such as the collapse of warehouses in San Giovanni del Dosso and Quistello.

So please remember: when building or renovating your warehouse, whether it is large or small,contact the professionals, who use the specific earthquake simulation application provided by the Ministry: this is the only way to be sure that your structure really willstand up to earthquakes!

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    Earthquakes? Find out how reliable your warehouse is
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