Di Massa is at your side in these difficult times

Today, more than ever before, our services can make a difference for companies facing this complex period, particularly those that provide essential goods and services.

In the difficult situation we are experiencing, everyone’s contribution is indispensable: this is why our company has decided to be operational, so as to support companies in the challenge of maintaining high standards of efficiency in the logistics sector.

We have equipped our staff with all the necessary protection devices, so that they can always be operational and intervene promptly with ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities, which are essential to ensure the highest level of safety and avoid malfunctions or sudden breakdowns that risk compromising the production flow.

Our company is at your side to help you overcome this difficult moment, offering you our essential services.


Only through constant monitoring of equipment and machinery can you be sure that you have your warehouse always at its maximum functionality and protect yourself from downtime: don’t wait until it’s too late, our technicians are at your complete disposal to set up a customized maintenance plan that minimizes the risk of production stoppages.


Never before has rapid problem-solving been so crucial to prevent strategic supply chains from slowing down or interrupting production. That’s why we have increased our resources for extraordinary maintenance interventions, so that your company can always guarantee maximum performance.


We can provide concrete support in optimizing all the companies that are essential in this moment of emergency: through our free check-up, our technicians will be able to find any critical issues in your warehouse, defining a clear picture of the actions to be taken to ensure a general efficiency of the processes and, at the same time, ensure the safety and health protection of workers.


If you have material that is not yet installed, doing so now is important, so that it doesn’t get in the way of activities and you can make the most of all your resources. Rely on our specialized personnel to make sure that your equipment is installed correctly, in complete safety and in compliance with current health emergency regulations.

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    Di Massa is at your side in these difficult times
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