Concrete results! Our Efficient Warehouse Campaign

In 2018, thanks to our Efficient Warehouse campaign, numerous projects to optimize warehouse dynamics were launched, which resulted in a marked improvement in efficiency for many companies.

But let’s talk about concrete results:

  • reduction of obsolescence +97%
  • batch management +90%
  • inventory accuracy +96%
  • reduction in order processing times +50%
  • reduction of shipping errors +91%
  • optimization of the storage area (in sqm) +60%

Experience, technical expertise and the ability to predict the development of future maintenance and regulatory dynamics are the basis of our success.

Through our activity of technical-functional analysis we are able to understand what are the real needs of the customer, to develop a tailor-made project in which safety, reliability and savings are the basis of all activities.

In 2019, our Efficient Warehouse campaign starts again in an even more targeted and effective way: book your free appointment now!

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    Concrete results! Our Efficient Warehouse Campaign
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